Six seasoned West Coast musicians named Brian, Rico, Matt, Zac, Ruben and James, with musical careers encompassing such varied styles as garage, punk, jazz, rock, classical, and more... The LUXURIES are a powerful, hard-hitting, fun sextet playing songs that everyone can move to regardless of individual taste. As one personality recently said, "The LUXURIES? Think MC5 meets The Kinks, sprinkle in some Wayne Cochran then drop a little Sweet on the top!"

While some bands are easily pigeonholed, The LUXURIES are always full of surprises. Not only are their songs infectiously danceable and the stage shows energetic, but the personality of each member, both on and off the stage, ensures fans a fun ride and a good time.

The LUXURIES have a FREE new release (LISTEN or DOWNLOAD HERE). If you see a show planned near you, grab the chance and get on down to check them out. You will not be disappointed and will have a new favorite stress reliever readily available, that's perfectly legal and totally OK to get addicted to!